Monday, October 19, 2009

Club Riddims

Club Riddims is Houston's only long lasting Reggae night clubs. We have been an establishment for over 10 years, and we are still standing strong. With this new form of technology we have decided to get involved, so that we are accesible for all types of costumers. Whether you like to recieve your info through all these new social network sites such as twitter, facebook, and blogging, or through the traditional informatives such radio broadcasting or flyers. We are now actively apart of them all. As of now our doors are open Friday-Sunday. Our crowd is more appealing for the everyday workaholic that just needs a break. Every Friday and Sunday we have a fully catered buffet for your pleasure. We understand that times are hard because of the economy, but foruntely that doesnt stop people from coming out to party, but unfortunaelty the economy has limited the amount of money being spent at the night club. With that being said we understand the benefits of quality and quanity and we intend on making sure that this is the environment for you.

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