Saturday, October 24, 2009

Battle of the Tweets

Hello, Everyone we are sooo EXCITED to bring you a competition, that will actually benefit those who it is designed for!!! This will be a competition for all "Recording Artist" who seek the always much needed publicity. You as an Artist will be able to submit "One" song weekly to be entered in a competition where 3 Artist will have their song chose, and previewed over Ustream and Tweetmysong...for the public opinion. The song will be based on the opinion of those off twitter, mostly but not solely, we will make sure that the song is appropriate for the club. For all fairness, the three songs chosen will be evenly matched as far as the capabilities of being the possible winner. The Artist/group who wins over the public opinion, and meets the guidelines of "appropriateness" will have the opportunity to have their song played for our Sunday crowd "400 plus people", and spun by Go DjSlimChances. For added publicity we will also offer the winner a Full day of Publicity " Your song and name mentioned" on our Live broadcasting with Go DjJque from 97.9 The box, and you will automatically be re-entered in the next weeks competition for the chance that your song will create a large buzz, and make it into some radio stations rotation. The competition will end promotion on Nov. 6, 2009 at 5pm, and will start Sunday Nov. 8, 2009. It's so simple to enter the competition just email your ONE song to, and the rest is history!!!

This Competition is Presented to you by Club Riddims & Aries ENT

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