Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This week was a tough week at the club, but we think we found the right winner for this weeks "Battle Of The Tweets". Gt.Garza pulled it off like a real champ with "Rock A Show" ft. Bunz. Garza will be returning this Sunday Dec. 13 to defend his 1 spot. We must also send out a huge shout out to Blaze Burna the 2 Week champ, with "Ya Dig Me" this song is incredible. All you A&R's, Managers, PR specialist, Club Promoters etc... If you are looking for talent this competition has it.On another note, We've tweaked the competition just a little bit, giving the people of the club the upper hand in the decision, seeing that they are the true judges in reality. by doing this it should help you gain a true perspective on the opinion of the "viewers". The new flyer regarding all these new details will be posted ASAP. Make sure to continue to follow us on Twitter @ClubRiddims and @MissAriesENT for continues updates regarding the competition. At the bottom is a direct link to GT's new song check it out! GT.Garza "Rock A Show"

Friday, December 4, 2009

Fourth Week

Entering the fourth week of "Battle Of The Tweets" we have returing champ Blaze Burna " Ya Dig Me" trying to maintain that #1 spot...with huge Mixtape #Fucksleep coming out featuring the young artist maybe that will give him an edge??? Also competing this week we have two awesome artist Gt.Garza " Rock A Show" and Guttamamis "Game". Instead of the votes on twitter being the only determing factor of crowning a Winner we will now be letting the crowd Judge as well. As a HUGE fan of music I realize that not every song that sounds good on twitter, sounds good in the club. Its something about the mood of the crowd, and not every song can maintain the vibe of that club atmosphere. So we are letting YOU/ the crowd be the judge of what it is u want to hear. Just as before we will be using 97.9 The Box as a Publicity outlet to help make everyone aware of the contest and its Contestants on a weekly basis...If you are interested in submitting a track keep in my it needs to be something that will most definitely capture the audience in an upbeat your to track to

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Third Week!!!

This marks the third week of "Battle Of The Tweets" up now with songs are: Blaze Burna with "Ya Dig Me", Fuech Ola with "Bad, Thick, Fly", and Gizmo our two time champion with "She Goin Live". Come celebrate with us and the winner every Sunday at Club Riddims. We truly believe in supporting all artist trying to make a come up, because the club and dj's playing their songs can be the start and beginning of a whole new life for them. Every sunday ladies are free until 11pm and men can RSVP at 214-405-6239 for discounted rate before 1130, so no excuses!!! To vote for ur favorite artist follow us at @ClubRiddims on twitter, and let us know ur fav. Hope to see you all soon. Happy Early Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Second Week!!!

This is The Second week of the "Battle Of The Tweets" which it is going great! Many Artist have submitted their tracks and are creating real competition. This Weeks Artist were Kritikal with "Im tha S***", King Tutt with " It goes down" and Gizmo with " She Goin Live". This is the second win for Gizmo, this song is getting so much attention in our club the people seem to really be enjoying it. Remember that this is a weekly competition so feel free to submit your track at any time to For more info feel free to contact us at @ClubRiddims on twitter. and check out the our new and improved!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Hello, everyone today is the official beginning of " Battle Of The Tweets", three Artist and their Songs have been chose. The Artist are Gizmo-" She Goin Live", Sugar- "Meet Your Parents", and The Fanatics- "Commander". All these songs have their own style so it should be a very interesting competition. The winner of this weeks contest will be announced next Friday Nov. 13, along with the next two competetors and the winner will have their song played on Nov. 15 at our club and radio promotion on that sunday also. We look forward to this contest and the next artist to come!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009