Friday, December 4, 2009

Fourth Week

Entering the fourth week of "Battle Of The Tweets" we have returing champ Blaze Burna " Ya Dig Me" trying to maintain that #1 spot...with huge Mixtape #Fucksleep coming out featuring the young artist maybe that will give him an edge??? Also competing this week we have two awesome artist Gt.Garza " Rock A Show" and Guttamamis "Game". Instead of the votes on twitter being the only determing factor of crowning a Winner we will now be letting the crowd Judge as well. As a HUGE fan of music I realize that not every song that sounds good on twitter, sounds good in the club. Its something about the mood of the crowd, and not every song can maintain the vibe of that club atmosphere. So we are letting YOU/ the crowd be the judge of what it is u want to hear. Just as before we will be using 97.9 The Box as a Publicity outlet to help make everyone aware of the contest and its Contestants on a weekly basis...If you are interested in submitting a track keep in my it needs to be something that will most definitely capture the audience in an upbeat your to track to

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